Palmer confirms strong commitment to reopening refinery

Perth: Clive Palmer said today that his company had allocated tens of millions of dollars towards reopening the Yabulu Refinery in North Queensland

“Once the refinery is reopened, the impact on the NQ economy will be significant. Getting it back in operation should be a major priority for everyone,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said Queensland Nickel Resources was only seeking from Port Authority the same terms and conditions for a new lease that had been successfully operating for 20 years previously.

“The Townsville Port Authority continues to refuse our company the same terms and conditions which need to be offered to make the operation sustainable in the future,’’ Mr Palmer said.

He said the Townsville Port authority which is controlled the Queensland Labor Party needed to put the people of Townsville before its own self interests.

Mr Palmer said it was disappointing that State Labor members and local council representatives had continually refused to meet with Queensland Nickel staff.

“Labor needs to exercise its authority to approve all terms and conditions to renew leases.

“They show no regard for the people and families of Townsville,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The time is coming where they will be accountable for these decisions which are effectively halting the re-opening.”

Mr Palmer said that his company will commence a public relations campaign to highlight the appalling acts of these self-interested Labor politicians.

In September, Clive Palmer made a further commitment to the people of Townsville with the purchase of a three-storey heritage building in Flinders Street which will home to his North Queensland head office.

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