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Materials containing nickel and cobalt significantly contribute to infrastructure and products in our society. The versatility of nickel and cobalt ensures a growing demand for their use in a large range of products.

The Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery produces and markets four nickel products: Nickel compacts, Nickel Carbonate, Specialty Nickel Oxide and Nickel Oxide Sinter.

  • Nickel compacts are sold for use in a wide range of alloying applications in particular stainless steel
  • Nickel Oxide Sinter is sold to other nickel manufactures and further refined to produce nickel metal
  • Specialty Nickel Oxide is sold for use in electronic application
  • Nickel Carbonate is sold for application in refining petroleum products and for electroplating application.


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Cobalt The Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery produces a specialty Cobalt product of high purity, which provides customers with a purified feedstock for the production of cobalt chemicals. Cobalt has a wide range of uses from superalloys to the lithium batteries in mobile phones or laptop computers. It is also one of 27 elements essential …


Nickel Nickel’s two most remarkable qualities – its high recyclability and its capacity to protect against corrosion – give it an invaluable role to play in creating a sustainable society. Recyclable Nickel metal can be re-used and recycled many times over.  The nickel is recovered from stainless steel materials and other alloys and is reintroduced …