Supplier and Contractor Information

The Supply Department services the supply needs of the the Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery and other Queensland Nickel assets.

The department is responsible for the procurement and contracting of materials, services and bulk materials.


All production, maintenance and operating spares requirements.


All service provision on and off site including labour hire, hire equipment and facility maintenance together with contracting for the purchase of major capital items.

Bulk Materials

All critical process inputs such as coal seam gas, heavy fuel oil, coal, electricity, final product packaging and chemical reagents, together with the logistics for road, rail, sea and air transport requirements.

The Supply team also manage the receipt, storage and distribution of materials on site, stock level control and turnover and the accuracy of materials warehoused on site.

To contact the Supply Team, please call 07 4720 6200

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Contractor and Service Provider Information

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