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Work Context

Work Satisfaction

An important part of enjoying your work is the ability to make a difference.

We encourage employees to put forward initiatives to improve what we do. In 2011, our Business Initiative Program had 140 business initiatives put forward by our people. 50 were successfully implemented creating value for the business. Each person received company wide recognition for their idea and a reward for their effort.


Our commitment to safety, health & environmental performance is integral to our business and long term success. Our culture values safe work and the reporting of safety issues. We follow processes to reduce risk and ensure our safety and the safety of others is not compromised.

Our employees understand it is their responsibility to operate and behave in a manner that is safe and environmentally conscious at all times.

Flexible Hours

We have worked over the years to improve our flexibility in the workplace and our rosters reflect the operational and administrative needs. We are a drive in- drive home workplace located fifteen to twenty minutes drive north of Townsville.

Our shift employees work a lifestyle friendly roster which allows employees two full weekends off per month and ensures employees keep in touch with their family, friends and maintain involvement in community and volunteer organisations.

Work/Life Balance

Are they buzz words or a reality?

The reality we understand is that our employees have lives and interests outside of work which are important to them. If you enjoy fishing, spending time with family, watching the Townsville Fire or NQ Cowboys play, visiting the Enchanted Rainforest Exhibition at the Museum of Tropical Queensland, a trip to Magnetic Island or eating out ……..we believe our people should be able to enjoy the best of what Townsville has to offer.

We host an annual employee fishing competition at Lucinda and encourage a family first attitude to life. When people ask to return to the Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery, many state that one of the main reasons for wanting to return is the work/life balance we have to offer. We are proud of our ability to offer this benefit to our people.


Yes, it is a real plus, isn’t it?

Too many times we have heard stories about people that have gone to remote mines or offshore to earn the big money, only to find the pressure on their personal lives is far too great. Put simply, when you can earn a competitive salary closer to home, why not take the option of living a full and balanced life?

At the Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery we offer an opportunity for people to work in the resources sector within a short drive from home. Attending your child’s football training or school performance, keeping in touch with family and friends and participating in the community are advantages a drive in -drive out career can provide.

Townsville – A great place to live…

Townsville is a dynamic and diverse regional town. Situated adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef, Townsville is a cosmopolitan tropical city that is considered to be the regional capital of North Queensland. It is one of the fastest growing economic regions in Australia.

Already home to 220,000 residents in the Townsville and surrounding region, the population is projected to exceed 317,000 by 2031. Townsville is Australia’s 13th largest city and is predicted to surpass Geelong in size in 4 – 5 years.

Townsville’s great way of life is well serviced by a domestic airport, deep water port, rail network, university and science institutions, a defence base and productive neighbouring regions that contribute cattle, sugar cane, tourism and mining to the regional economic mix.

With a number of major employers in the region, our diverse industry base and regional centre for government services offer employees and their partners the opportunity to live, work and settle in Townsville with long term security for them and their families.

Make the move to Townsville! Our Recruitment Advisors are ready and waiting to point you in our direction.

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