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Nickel’s two most remarkable qualities – its high recyclability and its capacity to protect against corrosion – give it an invaluable role to play in creating a sustainable society.


Nickel metal can be re-used and recycled many times over.  The nickel is recovered from stainless steel materials and other alloys and is reintroduced into the smelting process.

Won’t rust

Nickel greatly improves the corrosion resistance of steel. Prolonging the life of manufactured items makes an important environmental contribution by reducing the rate of dispersion into the environment and saving the energy and resources required to replace the item.

If left unprotected, iron will rust away and pollute the environment. In contrast, stainless steel will last for decades without significant corrosion and can then be efficiently recycled.


Nickel-containing stainless steel is the material of choice for many hygienic applications in food and beverage production and in the medical field.  It is easily cleaned and does not harbour bacteria on its surface.

Other beneficial properties of nickel are stability at high temperatures and durability.

Technical Data

The Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery has specifically designed Nickel Compacts with 24mm flat sides to eliminate rolling, which makes them ideally suited to conveyor feed systems. The fast melting time and dust free characteristics of our Nickel Compacts assist with high metal recoveries.

Our compacts are sintered compacts of nickel produced using the Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery’s unique ammoniacal solvent extraction technology.

Designed for use in refining converters but also able to be used in arc furnaces, Nickel Compacts typically have a nickel content of 99.0% or greater. With the only major trace element being oxygen, the high purity of the product allows flexibility and means additions are able to be optimised.

Shape:      a cylinder with two flat sides approximately 30mm high, 30mm long, 24mm wide
Weight:    100g approximately
Colour:     silver/grey
Density:   4.9g/cm3

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