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Contractor and Service Provider Information

The Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery commits to conduct all business in a fair and reasonable manner with integrity and respect for all parties. We utilise the best available information for decision making to enable accountability, drive innovation and creativity and foster open and honest communication.

Contractor requirements

We seeks contractors and service providers who:

  • prioritise safety in all decision making
  • exhibit a high level of integrity
  • provide quality service
  • advocate cost effective and innovative client solutions.


We have uniform contract establishment and administration procedures with suppliers. Suppliers, contractors and service providers must have a purchase order (PO) prior to providing goods and services.

Tender Process

We use a formal Request for Tender (RFT) process where the value or risk level of goods or services being sourced exceeds a pre-defined level. RFTs are sent to suppliers that have the potential to meet the award criteria of the requesting internal business unit.

The RFT provides a prospective tenderer with:

  • the terms of engagement for the tender
  • documents describing the tendering process, defining the goods and/or
  • services being sought and outlining our business needs
  • the form of contract that the successful supplier will be required to adhere to.

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