Palmer to pursue Queensland Government

Chairman of QNI Resources Clive Palmer announced today he would be pursuing legal action against the Queensland Labor Government for refusing to facilitate QNI’s access to the Port of Townsville.

“The Townsville Port Authority has ignored continuous correspondence in relation to restoring QNI’s access to Port of Townsville Berth 2 so we can create immediate employment and large-scale ongoing exports from North Queensland,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The Labor Government is using politics to deny in the order of 3000 jobs directly and indirectly.

“The Labor-directed Port Authority, the local council and the State Labor Government are putting politics ahead of the best interests of the North Queensland community.

“It is one thing not agreeing with my political views, but it is a completely differing thing to deny thousands of jobs and a much-improved boost to the struggling economy in North Queensland,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Blocking the importation of ore and exportation of products is a disgrace. The Labor government is punishing the people of Townsville.”

Mr Palmer said the government of Queensland should be for all people regardless of political persuasion.

“Denying access is not only an illegal activity, it is morally corrupt and stifling the wellbeing of Townsville.

“All members of parliament should be supporting the creation of jobs,’’ Mr Palmer said.


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