Townsville Port Authority using Brisbane lawyers: Palmer

QNI Resources Chairman Clive Palmer has strongly criticized the Townsville Port Authority for engaging Brisbane lawyers instead of spending its money locally.

“I find it astonishing that the Townsville Port Authority used Brisbane lawyers to draft leases imposing additional conditions for the nickel refinery which would make it impossible to restart and employ North Queenslanders,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“It seems the Port Authority is not interested in providing work for Townsville lawyers or supporting Townsville jobs.

“The Townsville Port Authority should be required to give its commercial work to Townsville businesses and cease the practice of sending its work to Brisbane consultants and lawyers.”

Mr Palmer said Townsville was doing it tough enough already and didn’t need the Port Authority to make it worse.

“This is just like the stadium that was built by Brisbane workers.

“It seems even public officials elected by the people of Townsville follow the direction of their masters in Brisbane. It is a disgrace, they should all be sacked,’’ Mr Palmer said.

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